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Amy Klobuchar: Presidential Candidates 2020


I’ve started my new series of U.S. Presidential Candidates for 2020. This time it looks like the Democrats are flooding the field with people. The first portrait is Amy Klobuchar.

Clown Girl Illustration

Clown Girl

I’m working on some new vector illustration material. This is a piece of a larger composition. I’m going back in to some of my past works and rendering them as vector illustrations. I’ll post the finished piece soon when it’s finished.

Chicken Chili recipe detail 

Chicken Chili Illustration Detail. Here’s a finished version of the chicken for the Chili recipe. He’s a little surprised about the main ingredient!

Circus on Parade


A Fun Circus Parade!
Watercolor with Pen and Ink

Here’s a recent image celebrating the day at the circus. With Ringling Bros. closing down after more than 100 years, it’s the end of an era. No animal abuse going on here just some clowns with their elephant friend.

Pirate Illustration 

And here is the finished piece. The next installment into my children’s book. This is pen and ink with watercolor at 22″ x 30″

Pirate Illustration process

Here’s an illustration in progress for my book project that I’m working on. The earlier concepts of the pirates were worked into the composition. I’ve started the inking with pen. Once that is completed I’ll add some brush work and some watercolor on top. 

Pirate sketches

Sketches and concept drawings for my finished works. These two will make an appearance in my children’s book. 

Illustration Detail

Detail of an illustration for my self-initiated children’s book. 

Watercolor with Pen and Ink

Ratoncito Pérez


Ratoncito Pérez
Watercolor with Pen and Ink
Pérez the Mouse is similar to the Tooth Fairy in English cultures and is almost universal in Spanish cultures. Leave your tooth under the pillow and he’ll exchange it for a gift.

Prince Illustration


Prince – Purple Rain Illustration
Pencil, Pen and Ink, Watercolor

Another installment in my series of work featuring musicians. This piece is again 22″ x 30″ on watercolor paper. I start by drawing the image in pencil followed with the line work with brush and pen and ink washes. The background is watercolor wash with splatter and dripping techniques.

I’m finishing them off by selecting a song and working type digitally on top. These are quite a bit of work but a great deal of fun!

Prince, Purple Rain

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