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Christmas Reindeer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to my Blog. I’ve been relying on other sites, Instagram and Twitter. I’m not sure why but I’ll try to pick this up again.

I’ve done quite a bit of new work and I’ll post some of it here. I’ve been doing more digital work and really developing this process.

Girl Ice Skating Illustration :: Winter 2014


Girl Ice Skating Illustration. Ideally this would be a great time to be outside ice skating or sledding but it is bitter cold out there! We are in the midst of some record breaking cold temperatures. This should give us all some ideas of what to do when the weather starts to climb back up out of the negative numbers.

Kids Building A Snowman :: Winter 2013



Kids Building A Snowman.

A fun winter scene with two kids building a snowman. Just in time for all of this snow we have been getting. Pen and Ink with Watercolor

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