Monthly Archives: April 2016

Andrew Bird Illustration


Andrew Bird Music Illustration
Pen and Ink with Watercolor

I’m starting a new series of work featuring musicians. These are larger pieces at 22″ x 30″ on watercolor paper. I start by drawing the image in pencil followed with the line work with pen and ink washes. The background is watercolor wash with splatter and dripping techniques.

I’m finishing them off by selecting a song and working type digitally on top. These are quite a bit of work but a great deal of fun!

Andrew Bird, Lull

Illustration Process

A couple of process images. I’m working on a series of drawings of musicians. This is Andrew Bird. I wanted to get a copy of this version. I have changed the eyes in the final version but this shows a bit of the process in the pencil drawing. Still trying to keep the line quality lively and loose with pen and brush work. This piece is 22″ x 30″ and I will throw a bit of color on at the end.

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